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Introducing the Penciv App

Welcome to Penciv: Social Journal

Keeping in touch with our loved ones needs a new home. A place to capture noteworthy moments in life void of likes and emojis. A place to safely store unedited thoughts and feelings about the present and share with the people who matter most. A place to see and be seen for who we are becoming. Introducing Penciv – the place where thoughts become thoughtful with the love of a letter, and the ease of a text. Download today, and don’t let another day pass you by.

Reflect with Feels


A memory comes to life when you can relive a feeling. With your own emotion wheel, it's never been easier to capture a moment just right. 


From grandparents to friends, all people want is to be a part of your life. Let them by sharing the small things. You'll know who to share your thoughts with, and they in turn will appreciate your thoughtfulness. 

Data Page

Feelings are just information forming your identity. Check in with weekly and monthly data visuals to assess how your moments are aligned with who you becoming.


It's hard to make a habit of capturing noteworthy moments. Find inspiration from what other's are saying in the Reflection Pools.

Registration Notes

Below is a list of data we require to create your account:

  • Name - This will allow us to personalize your account

  • Email - A verified email address is needed in case you need to reset your password

  • Phone Number - Your phone number is how members are able to send messages between you and your friends​

  • Birthday - You must be at least 13 years old to create a Penciv account. Your birthday is also used to determine your age range in Prompt responses, should you choose to post anonymously into reflection pools.


You'll be able to edit these details (except your birthday) in the settings.


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