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Our Partners

Below is a list of our partners. Our partners bring a wide range of experience and context to meet your mental health needs. They all offer in-person services as an option for the services they provide. For our partners, we are proud to be their digital journal of choice. Our list of partners is growing by the week, so check back soon in case you don't find what you're looking for.

Reach Out

Below is a list and map of all of our partners. They incorporate Penciv as their preferred digital journal into their practices and specialties. Select one below to read more about them!



Harvest Therapeutic Services - Helping people become their best selves

Harvest Logo Correct 500x500 .png

At Harvest we offer outpatient therapeutic services, including CBT, ACT, IFS, EMDR, and more.  We primarily focus on helping people to acknowledge and address their existing traumas, in order to move through life in a healthy way.  We also have IOP programs (Mental Health and Substance Use for both adolescents and adults). 

ALCC 1.jpg

Authentic Life Christian Counseling is committed to offering hope and healing. ALCC seeks to glorify God by making professional counseling that thoroughly integrates psychology and theology available to those seeking emotional, spiritual, and relational health. For information on our therapists visit

Holistic Healers

Dr. Sarah Morrison DPT, IDN, CNFT, CBI


Dr. Sarah is a Mind-Body Nervous System Specialist and owner of The Healing Revolution. She helps people heal the root of complex/chronic pain, illness, trauma, stress, and addiction. With both individual and group therapies, her goal is to create a safe space to help you "Unstuck Yourself" from Fight/Flight/Freeze Mode so you are able to heal and live your best life!

Community Centers

karma house logo.PNG

We are a socially conscious organization purveying alternative products and services which promote a healthy and active lifestyle. By focusing on community and unity our mission is to improve the lives of our guests and donate proceeds to help impact the lives of our local community struggling with houselessness as well local causes.

Vibe Logo_Main.jpg

VIBE Gym and Wellness Collective is a Denver-based fitness and wellness facility for women and genderqueer people who are looking to start or amplify their wellness journey with none of the judgment and all of the support. We are LGBTQ+ friendly and loving, and we prioritize your safety, comfort and acceptance because you’re worth it! Nourish your body and nourish your mind at VIBE Gym and Wellness Collective.

FTGF Green Square (1).PNG

The Denver-based nonprofit leverages proven therapeutic benefits of fly fishing to support men's mental health while shining a light on the complex intersection of modern masculinity and mental health. The team at FTGF strives to help reduce the mental health stigma and provide resources to help men take action and subsidize necessary services.

Mental Health Treatment Centers


Rogers Behavioral Health can help with mental health concerns for children as young as 6, adolescents, and adults. We help address depression symptoms, PTSD/Trauma symptoms, OCD compulsive behaviors such as rituals, avoidance, or overwhelming fears with our outpatient treatment in Denver. Internationally recognized in treating OCD, Depression, Trauma and Mood Disorders being one of the most comprehensive treatment programs available. Our individualized approach empowers YOU!

Addiction Treatment Centers

Urban Peaks Rehab - Suboxone Clinic & Addiction Treatment Center

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Here at Urban Peaks Rehab, we understand that each individual path to recovery is unique. We understand there is no “one size fits all” approach to sobriety, therefore, we tailor our programs to the individual. Setting goals, celebrating milestones, and being present for each step you take on your path to a life free of addiction.

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Sober Living

Details Coming Soon!

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