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Lucas O., Director of Supply Operations

“I enjoyed learning about the different things people can be going through, and how to tune in to be more sensitive."

Kate C., CSO

"I loved the 'Tips' slide. I hadn't thought of those before and it was great for giving people tangible things to not/do to help others with their mental health."

Dan O., Sr. National

Account Manager

"Today, I appreciated learning about Meaningful Tension. I realized tension is necessary, but it should not be overwhelming. It will make me a better friend and worker."

Reframing Mental Health

Conversations about mental health are becoming more prevalent in our daily lives, but what is it, really? And how can we have clear, constructive conversations about our needs?

Uncover the inner workings of mental health with Michael Hardin and Jinhyun Shin as they inspire, inform and empower people to take control of their mental health. They share real stories about mental health, reframe what mental health is and provide resources for their audiences to explore when they are ready.

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Mike Hardin


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Mike Hardin is a voice for change.

Mike Hardin has spent most of his life overcoming hardship. Drawing on his experiences of being bullied as a kid, becoming an elite special forces warrior, and losing it all through his struggle with addiction, he has developed an inspirational message of how to transform adversity into growth and resilience.

In 2008, he joined the Navy to become a SEAL, which he achieved in 2012. 

After nine years in the Navy, he found himself going in and out of rehabs for four years before finally getting sober in late 2020.

In 2019, he co-founded CLIMB4, a veteran non-profit aimed at helping veterans seek healing in nature. He earned his masters degree in psychology from Pepperdine University in 2021, which he applies to coordinate effective treatments for special forces veterans struggling with PTSD.

Mike has a talent for connecting with others and is passionate about helping others recognize and overcome their limiting personal beliefs through effort, faith, and community. There is no other Navy SEAL talking about emotions, addiction, and vulnerability in this way.


In life, Mike is an avid Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitor and trains at 10th Planet Denver as a blue belt under second degree black belt Conor Heun. When he's not spending time with his wife, kids, and their rescued boxer, you'll find him on the mats learning how to choke people out.

Jinhyun Shin Boston Skyline

Jinhyun Shin


Jinhyun Shin is a community builder.

Jinhyun has a passion for suicide prevention, focusing especially on its prevention through loneliness. As an ethnographer, he has spent much of his time reflecting with people on the tension in between the circumstances of their challenges and the conditions of their hearts. Along his journey, he developed language to make mental health tangible, actionable, and communal. He has since worked with professional athletes, Fortune 500 companies, veterans, and recovering addicts to provide actionable definitions and frameworks around mental health. 

In life, Jinhyun is an adrenaline seeker and chooses skiing and kiteboarding as his preferred methods of exploration. Above all, he enjoys time with friends and can be easily encouraged to meet new friends over a great meal. 

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After engaging with Mike and Jinhyun, you feel empowered to start taking control of your mental health. If you resonate with their message and feel equipped to start taking ownership with Penciv, check out How It Works and start making meaning out of your life's moments. 

If you need help getting control of your mental health, check out our Partners tab where you can find our partners who are serving mental health in different ways. 

Leah B.

"Your presentation let me get more insight on helping someone in times when you're not sure where else to turn or what other words to say."

Andrew P., Account Exec

"Today, I appreciated learning about how to go from mentally unstable toward the other direction. This will make me a better friend and partner. Great presentation."

Tobe S., CMO

"Today, I appreciated learning how we get bogged down with mud in our journey. It will make me a better friend, wife, and manager."

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