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Introducing the Penciv App

Welcome to Penciv: Social Journal

We are pleased to present to you Penciv - the social journal. This journaling app allows you to do things like:

  • Attach photos, tag your location, and categorize your journal entries

  • Select and Create feelings to add color to your entries

  • Share journal entries with friends

  • Share anonymous entries with the world

  • Track how you've been processing life events

Registration Process

There are a few things we need to create your account:

  • Name - This will allow us to personalize your account

  • Email - We need your email in case you need to reset your password

  • Phone Number - Your phone number is how we are able to send messages between you and your friends​

  • Birthday - You must be at least 13 years old to create a Penciv account. Your birthday is also used to determine your age range in Prompt responses, should you choose to post anonymously into reflection pools.


You'll be able to edit these details (except your birthday) in the settings.


Create an Account.png

Journaling with Feels

The hardest part about reading text is picking up the right tone. To fix that, we added a splash of color.

We are the first, and so far only, journal to provide you with your own emotion wheel. We know it's an art, not a science, so make it your own by adding feelings as you go.

When you share with friends, they'll receive the moment the next day. That way, they'll have time to process and internalize it, rather than react to it and forget about it.


We know how hard it can be to make journaling a habit. We created prompts to help kick-start the reflection process. 

Find inspiration from what other's are saying in the Reflection Pools. Or, see how people like you are responding nearby. 


Never lose track of your people again! Every time you reconnect with a friend, make note of it and tag them. 

By organizing your communities into visual groups of people, you'll never leave someone out of the loop, again! 

Data Page

Every month, see how you're doing:

  1. Overall - Presents high and low-level details of the feelings you processed that month

  2. Mosaic - Shows your top 5 most frequently referenced feelings that month in an artistic way

  3. People - Reveals the 4 most frequent people you've referenced that month in order from most to least

  4. Categories - Shows the intersection of how you've categorized your feelings with categories you've referenced

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