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Our Work

This page is intended to provide context and background for our work. 

Is PENCIV social media?

Social Media is primarily for entertainment. Posts are refined digital assets, collections, choreographies, gifs and memes that are in pursuit of being newsworthy - qualified by the reactions they can garner. It's a great way for people to enter the world of content creation in the span between freelancers and movie producers, and enjoy bite sized productions, or newsworthy moments, on a more frequent basis. 

But not all newsworthy events are noteworthy.


Noteworthy moments are ones that resonate with our individual circumstances. They are typically less consequential than newsworthy events and benefit from more time for discernment. They are unfinished, but not unimportant; part of the story, but not yet resolute.


Penciv is intended to promote the reflection and discernment of noteworthy moments - the process of becoming.

Becoming is the self-actualization process that leads to moments of astonishment. A baby's new laugh, first words, or first steps encapsulate the transformative nature of astonishing moments, where there is a detachment from the way things were. During the early years, parents are commonly there to guide through moments of astonishment, but as time passes, we are left to our own devices to make new discoveries.

As you continue to experience different circumstances in life, we hope Penciv is a place you can store, share and discern your feelings about your experiences as you seek out who you are becoming.



In the plethora of contexts exposed to us in the digital era, it's hard to draw out the information that resonates with our circumstances, and that complicates the discernment we all seek in the process of becoming.

Journaling is a well-known practice that can help identify patterns in thinking and events that can facilitate our discernment. But let's be honest, journaling can be a pretty lonely exercise, and sometimes it's even easier to advocate for others than it is for ourselves.


What if journaling doesn't have to be such a solitary effort?

What if we elevate the people that play integral roles in our lives and engage them in thoughtful reflections that help us to define moments?

By combining the power of reflection at the core of journaling with the encouragement we regularly seek out with people in our communities, we hope Penciv is a place for people to work together to write their stories in their processes of becoming.  

As people get older, paths diverge and empathy for astonishing moments gets separated by privilege. Sadly, that results in less compassion for each others circumstances.

We hope that as you use Penciv, the effort of defining moments and refining processes of becoming increases our awareness for our needs, and that results in us restoring compassion in the world, together. 

Defining Moments

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